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About Us

Founded in 1965, Ottawa Chiropractic Clinic has been in continuous operation for over 50 years. Dr. Cheri Jung’s father opened the practice. In 1990, Dr. Michael Hiatt joined the practice, and Dr. Jung came on board in 1994. The three chiropractors joined forces and cared for many Ottawa residents over the years until Dr. Jung’s dad retired. Their combined history has been one of dedicated community service.

Whether you’re a new mom bringing in a newborn with health issues, or an athlete struggling with extremity injuries, we can help. We have a sizeable arsenal of tools and techniques that can help the toughest cases.

Our Philosophy

Our practice is patient-centered. We take a hands-on approach to health care that’s natural and gentle. We respect the right of each patient to make their own decisions regarding their health. Our vision is to inform and educate every patient as to available options. We try our best to help those we serve to make informed decisions.

Our philosophy is that the body heals from the inside out. Excellent health is based on the inherent wisdom of the body being able to heal itself.

Come in and Meet Our Team Today

Are you or a loved one ready to experience the gentle art and science of chiropractic? Our goal is to help our patients thrive. Whether your general function needs improvement or you’re experiencing chronic pain and limitation, we are ready to assist you. Contact our chiropractic office today and discover for yourself the remarkable benefits of our natural care.

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